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What could be more quintessentially British than the stunning sweatshirts created by A Touch of Tweed? Luxurious sweatshirts manufactured right here in the UK incorporating coastal and country influences with ….you guessed it – A Touch of Tweed.

I am always on the hunt for practical yet beautiful clothing which features elements of the great British countryside. Being a small business owner myself I equally like to find the aforementioned clothing from fellow small business owners and know they too do the same ‘happy dance‘ I do when the sale notification pops up on email.

Touch of Tweed ticks all of my boxes, small and local (bonus) business owners Catherine and James started the company in 2016 and bought together aspects of their childhoods that are the foundations of the business today. December 2017 saw the first pre-orders come flooding in and the following May, the first of the stunning collection arrived fresh from the manufacturers in Sheffield ready to post to those lucky enough to have pre-ordered!

Growing up in a small Kentish Town, Catherine was amidst all things countryside, whilst on the South Coast, James’s childhood was spent surrounded by water-sports and iconic bright, bold colours we associate with the beach and sea.

Photo Credit – Hollie B Davey

Currently ‘Touch of Tweed’ has two products available – His and Hers sweatshirts. Both made from 100% organic cotton they are wardrobe staples and are perfect for stomping around the countryside or equally at home being worn at the local enjoying drinks with friends and loved ones.


The Women’s Sweatshirt

What struck me first about the sweatshirt wasn’t the attention to detail or the bright, contrasting colours of the Yorkshire herringbone tweed. It wasn’t the leather detail at the bottom of the sweatshirt – it was just how beautiful it was. Simple, elegant and beautiful.

The soft, thick cotton feels so warm and gentle on your skin, despite feeling cosy and perfect for snuggling into, it doesn’t feel heavy or restrictive so perfect for layering from Spring through to Winter.

Cream may put some people off as it can be seen as ‘impractical’ however I can categorically say that even with three spaniels and a horse who is over zealous with his kisses – my sweatshirt is still looking clean. Any stray dogs hairs flick off (a lint roller would also work a treat) and a slightly damp cloth was excellent for removing any trace of horse kisses! Obviously it isn’t advisable to throw the top in muddy puddles or spill a shot of Sloe Gin down yourself as it is hand wash only, but it does clean up easily for small spots and hair.

There are numerous elements that make the sweater so unique. The chunky buttons engraved with Touch of Tweed are hand sewn on using a beautiful turquoise thread and the dark grey stands out against the pale cream when buttoned up and then blend in seamlessly with the herringbone tweed when the offset collar is left casually undone.

The leather logo at the bottom adds a further detailing and again stands out against the neutral coloured cotton fabric and helps draw attention to the subtle addition of a small pocket on the right hand side of the sweatshirt. The pocket could easily go unnoticed if it wasn’t for the signature tweed trim lining the top which brings the detail from the collar together. It really does bring Coastal and Country style together effortlessly.


The Men’s Sweatshirt

The men’s sweatshirt oozes masculinity. Veering away from the pale, feminine cream, the dark grey sweatshirt has all the same features as the women’s including the contrasting tweed that makes both garments unique.

Instead of buttons on the collar, the men’s sweatshirt has a stylish, visible metal zip. Centrally placed, the zip pull is a leather tag embossed with the Touch of Tweed branding. It makes the top look more edgy and manly rather than the soft, rounded edge buttons seen on the women’s version.


The grey cotton looks fabulous with the bright, vibrant green and blue tweed that edges the collar and the edge of the conveniently situated front pocket. The pocket is much more substantial than the delicate, smaller pocket on the ladies sweater – ideal for warming both hands on a chilly evening!


Both sweatshirts ooze style and class and look right at home whatever the occasion. There is clear influence from Catherine and James’s Country and Coastal roots and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Touch of Tweed and to get my hands on the next addition to the brand!

Shop the collection from Touch of Tweed here —> https://touchoftweed.co.uk/collections/all

Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback – I love hearing from you all with suggestions for my next blog!

Jo xoxo


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