Our chickens Go UP in the world!

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After finally moving house after what seemed like an eternity we had to quickly construct somewhere for the hens to live as their old coop and run was built into the fence surrounding the garden.  Give Matt a screwdriver, hammer, wood and a roofing sheet our ladies had a semi-safe, temporary home.

After working with Omlet last year to test their chicken swing and perch (see blog HERE) I was super excited when they got in touch asking if I would like to review the Eglu Go UP.

Sorting out permanent and safe accommodation for the girls was always high on the to do list as their temporary housing was hard to clean and, being made entirely out of wood would have been a haven for the dreaded red mite. I have already had that battle in previous years and lost!

So…several days later we had a rather special delivery and the hens were all on hand to lend a hand – or do I mean wing?

It was now my turn to get handy with the screwdriver and build their new home! Allow between 60-90 minutes to build the Go UP, less if you have a helper. Unfortunately in this situation chickens are far from helpful!

The instructions are very easy to follow and even single handedly the Go UP was easy to construct. I found it very easy to build the frame first and judge the best place in the paddock to position the house, taking into consideration the space required behind to clean and for the run to extend on level ground.

Once the frame was up and inspected, I set to work piecing together the sides, top and finally the internal trays. Once assembled, the ladies didn’t waste any time inspecting their new pad and taking it in turns to hop up and down the ladder.

Initially I scattered a little bit of food inside the house to encourage them to go in and out, very quickly they got to grips with it and all four birds put themselves to bed that night without a fuss.

The hens were lucky enough to not only have a new house but also the Extreme Temperature Blanket too! Now living on the top of the Mendip Hills we are accustomed to very chilly nights, snow when no one else has any and very, VERY frosty mornings.

The Extreme Temperature Blanket is like a duvet that hugs the Go UP and the elasticated section on the front and back holds it neatly in place and covers any gaps that the wind may find to push through. The material is a heavy duty water repellent outer, filled with heat trapping fibres which keep the coop warm and toasty. It is already proving invaluable in the wet, chilly weather we have recently had!

As a veterinary nurse I take the welfare of all my animals very seriously. As humans we have bred animals and birds to suit our wants and needs and on occasion this does mean they aren’t able to survive or thrive without human intervention.

The hens are also not ‘only a chicken’ they are birds I have chosen to keep for the benefit of fresh eggs and it is my responsibility to ensure their needs are met.

The Eglu Go UP is worlds away from the make shift house they had when we moved and much more superior to the coop and run at our previous house. Both were predominately made of wood and we have already had to dispose of one chicken house due to a red mite infestation which we could not clear. Red mite bite the chickens at dawn and dusk, can make them anaemic and effect egg production. They thrive in damp woody environments so traditional wooden chicken coops are a breeding haven for them.

Plastic houses are much easier to maintain due to the ability to pressure wash them and maintain high levels of hygiene. The Go UP is fantastic at keeping clean, the internal trays slide in and out by removing the rear panel and any droppings fall through into the underneath tray allow the birds to stay cleaner and not have to perch in their faeces.

Removing the back door is simple – just turn the black dial and the panel pops off – the Extreme Temperature Blanket can remain in place during cleaning – just release the tension on the drawstring.

In comparison to my last coop, the Eglu Go UP is so much more practical, easy to keep clean, hygienic, and lets be honest….it looks pretty cool too!

The features don’t stop there though. In addition to the stand and coop, is a set of wheels to assist with moving. It’s super Important to move your chickens periodically to stop the ground around and below the coop becoming too damaged and also to avoid the area becoming heavily contaminated with faeces. This is even more appropriate if you have the run attached to your Go UP.

Regardless of where you live, country or city, chickens are a fabulous addition to any garden  however both areas have their own risks. Foxes are prevalent in both town and country, cats will follow their natural Instinct and prey upon chickens and passing birds of prey will find smaller hens an easy target.

So with this in mind the extra run either in 2m or 3m will keep yours hens safe and secure. In my opinion there isn’t enough room in the 2m run to confine four larger birds in, but it’s a great addition when they need containing for short periods of time. The 3m run will obviously give more space for longer periods of time.

After a few days all four of our ladies were putting themselves to bed every night and have started laying again so it’s definitely a hit with the girls and a huge hit with us!

So if you fancy upgrading your coop to an Eglu then click the picture below and take advantage of a £50 saving

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