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Living in the heart of the Somerset countryside and having recently moved house to a property that does tick every box on the list, I needed to find ways to add my (our) stamp to the place.

We have already gutted the garden, removed the jungle that had formed there, uncovered some beautiful features and to date have made 21 trips to the local recycling centre with a variety of things the previous owner ‘kindly’ left for us!

Now our house resembles more of a home, I have had the pleasure and sheer joy of scouring the internet for pieces to decorate the inside and outside AND trying to support small businesses along the way.

Roll back to one of the major Horse Trials last year, I fell in love with a beautiful weathervane. Large and eye catching, it was a horse jumping a Cross Country jump with the N,S,E,W points underneath. Filed away at the back of my mind, I wasn’t expecting to receive it as a gift for my birthday (boyfriend brownie points earnt!) It now has pride of place at the end of my stable block. It’s the first thing my clients notice when they come to hire the horsebox and usually leads to them admiring the other items that The Profiles Range make.


Fast forward to now and the postman delivering a rather large package – full of beautiful handmade goodies for our new home! I think I acting similar to a child at Christmas, ripping open the box and emptying the contents all over the kitchen floor!

Shortly after we moved house we applied to change the name of the property, originally named after a type of tree that never has and never will grow anywhere on the grounds – the new name was granted and I think you’ll agree our stunning metal house sign is perfect.

Bringing together our equine and canine companions, the sign hangs proudly at the front of the house and has received oodles of compliments from our neighbours. It is made more special by the fact it has been custom made to our specifications. The Profiles Range has a huge library of different breeds of dogs, horses, cats, farm animals and even machinery. This meant we could chose a specific outline of horse to closely resemble Coco (big, TB who likes to get in a pickle) and chose from the extensive range of spaniels to find one that looks most like one of our three spaniels.


Then hanging underneath, the name of our house swings gently in the breeze, double sided it remains weatherproof so won’t fade over time and all fixings are weather proof and coated to ensure longevity.

So…. what else was in the box of goodies? I felt it was only fair that Coco had a little treat too – the house move was primarily to accommodate him and if I had a new house sign surely he should have one too?

I had chosen a lovely bridle / headcollar holder personalised with his name and chose the horse outline called ‘Fraser’ which reminds me of him prancing around the field like the closet dressage horse he wants to be! Finished in the same powder coating and weatherproof letters as the house sign. It has pride of place outside his stable and keeps his headcollar neat and tidy!

Staying in the yard, a new piece of equipment has also arrived which is guaranteed to make life so much easier!

Hands up who hates making hay nets! Trying to keep the net open, stuffing it with hay that won’t reach the bottom properly and usually with freezing cold hands! It is certainly one of my least favourite jobs and made even worse in winter.

So when the ‘Stuffit’ arrived, I was very excited to assemble it and try it out. I will admit, although it is an amazing bit of kit – I would get someone to help put it together as having more than two hands would have saved me a lot of time! Like all of the ‘outdoorsy’ items, the powder coated finish protects it from the elements and will reduce the risk of it rusting and weathering in the changeable British Climate!


It is capable of holding really big haynets and has saved me SO much time preparing nets. It has been designed to be free standing, keep the hay net open fully which means you can use two hands to fill and push the hay right to the bottom of the net and fill fully instead of having huge gaps where you just don’t have enough hands!

Finally my competitive nature does mean the dogs and Coco have regular outings and bring home well earnt rosettes. Being proud of these achievements I had been looking for a neat way to display them and the rosette runners were the perfect answer!


Like the majority of the products made, each runner can be personalised and your preferred outline used for the header of the runner. I chose the ‘Riding Horse’ outline and the working spaniel outline we have on the house sign.


Both now have pride of place in my office and will hold upto 25 rosettes. For the really competitive, there is an option to upgrade to a runner that caters for 45 rosettes!

The Profiles Range has a huge catalogue of gift ideas for any one who loves the countryside, horse owners & riders, dog owners – the list is endless!

The links below will take you to all of the products we have and while you are there you can look at the huge range of products and add a few to your home!

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