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Sitting in my living room, glass of prosecco in hand. I lean back against the soft cushioning of my sofa and take a deep breath in. The scent of creamy coconut fills my nostrils and I sink back further into the cushions behind me, willing this moment to stay. As I open my eyes I see the flickering flame from a lone candle on the coffee table, burning gently filling the room with it glow and glorious fragrance.

Now this may sound idyllic and what we could all wish for on a Saturday evening. It may even sound like the opening to a cheesy rom com novel. The truth is it is TOTALLY real and all thanks to Brown and Co Durham.

So let us start at the beginning and introduce you to mum of two, Holly Brown. Holly is very much like me and adores candles, home fragrance and everything in between. So it made sense for her to develop the elegant and sophisticated brand we know and love – Brown and Co Durham.

So what can we expect from Brown and Co? An exquisite range of luxury candles in their trademark black glass chalice, hand poured and finished with a gold lid that can be used as a base when the candle is burning. The candles come in a huge range of indulgent scents, each handcrafted with the same are and attention we have come to expect.

Each luxury candle can be purchased in a range of sizes – 9cl, 20cl or 30cl and come beautifully packaged in a simple yet elegant black box featuring the distinctive gold logo.

I’m really excited to be able to be one of the first to see Holly’s new range – The Countryside Collection. Featuring the same high quality scents made from luxury fragranced oils and still lovingly hand poured, these candles encapsulate the countryside feel we yearn for in our living rooms, offices and anywhere else we can get away with more candles!

The glass jar is adorned with stunning little bees –  busily, buzzing about their business. The practicalities have not been forgotten and each candle has a silver lid which again can be used as a base for the candle when alight or as a lid to retain the fresh scent you have selected. I have this candle in my office and it really helps bring the inside out and help me relax when i am doing mundane administration work! All of the products are paraben free and not tested on animals!

Now before you scurry off to the website to add these little beauties to your shopping basket (next day delivery is an option so don’t panic) have a look at the other delectable offerings Brown and Co has for you. Wax melts and melters, plus sophisticated reed diffusers there are numerous options for gifts for all occasions including that Tuesday Treat just because you deserve it!

It would be great to hear any comments or thoughts you have, especially if you are already a fan of Brown and Co! Just leave a comment below!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will have an exclusive interview with one of my favourite clothing brands coming soon!


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