Burghley Horse Trials

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With Burghley well under way with the Dressage, thoughts lend themselves to tomorrow’s Cross Country! 30 fences to test the skill and trust between horse and rider across Captain Mark Phillip’s course with an optimum time of just over 10 minutes.

The weather is set fair tomorrow and although the riders are expected to complete the 4 mile course as fast as possible, we however can take our time walking around the course and exploring the shopping village!

With all the predicted walking and the pleasant, warm weather forecast my attention turns to the all important ‘what to wear’! Unlike previous years I won’t need a waterproof coat or umbrella, but my outfit and bag will need to be practical!

Although warm weather is predicted, we are still in Britain so I feel it is important to prepare for some eventualities as it isn’t pleasant being chilly!

So top to bottom….. With the sun forecast as it is and preparing for a breeze, I want to avoid the windswept, dragged through a hedge backwards look and will be sporting my gorgeous brown Mackenzie and George Fedora which is adorned with my hand made Pleasant Phesant Company Hat Pin.

I love the rich, brown colour of the fedora is it goes with pretty much everything and always looks new! The feathers on the hat pin compliment it so well with the black, chocolate and amber hues standing out against the shiny brass of the shotgun cartridge end.

Next on my Burghley outfit list is layers! My navy Schoffel fleece is a must have as it has pockets for the essential lip balm & mobile and acts as a little warmer upper should the breeze pick up and turn chilly! Unlike some of my more padded gilets, this one won’t get too hot and folds up small enough in my bag without creating too much bulk to carry.

A firm favourite of mine are the Joules Harbour tops. I confess to having quite a few of these in different colours although for the purposes of my long suffering better half reading this I wont actually list the number….(lets just say I may need to borrow an extra pair of hands to utilise the fingers!)

I have elected to wear my navy and mustard stripe Harbour top as the navy compliments my Gilet and the mustard is a fabulous  bright autumnal colour (and possible my favourite colour at the moment!)

Now, every year at Burghley, Badminton and various Game Fairs I always see women in tiny tweed skirts walking around. I feel for walking the Cross Country Course this may not be practical especially if you need to find a spot of grass for  spot of lunch or a liquid picnic! Sticking with practicality I am opting for a pair of skinny jeans in dark denim. No risk of grass stains, paw prints or mud splashes!

Moving to my tootsies, I have my trusty Aigle wellies in the car just in case, however with the recent glorious weather, the ground should be dry so I am hoping they can stay in the car!

The course is approx 4 miles long so it is SUPER important to be comfortable. I usually live in my Dubarry Clare boots, but if the weather stays warm as predicted I dont want to end up with really hot legs and cook! So sticking with Dubarry i’ll be wearing my super comfortable Fiji deck shoes in cafe. They are like wearing slippers and the light, mocha brown will compliment my hat and the leather work on my bag.

Ohhh, thats something I cannot forget! My Bag.

I am a sucker for Tweed, especially last seasons green and pink check tweed from Joules. I have the field coat which is gorgeous and was lucky enough to bag myself a bag (no pun intended!) before the stock ran out! I’m also not ashamed for it to be ‘last years’ colour as it is so pretty and feminine, combined with the quality they both should last me years!

So the bag itself is the perfect size to pop cash, cards, Gilet if needed PLUS a liquid lunch. Being a bit of a Gin and Bubbles addict I also take a couple of cans of a pre mixed G&T alongside a mini bottle of bubbles or two! I’ve chosen the scrummy Greenalls Pink Grapefruit Gin and Adnams Copper House Gin, The bubbles of choice are Canti Prosecco which goes down super well!

Sorry – sidetracked there! The bag is made in the lovely green and pink tweed, with hard wearing brown leather panels on the bottom, handles and zip edges which are great for the longevity of the bag. Most importantly it has a shoulder strap! Walking around all day carrying a little clutch, or even a larger bag isn’t comfortable or practical. So being able to pop it diagonally across me is super easy, comfortable and practical!

The only other thing to discuss is accessories! I live in my Hiho Silver Cherry Roller necklace and bracelet – don’t tell Matt but i’m hoping I can have a sneaky purchase of the long chained Cherry Roller necklace too! My necklace and bracelet are beautiful, delicate and just match really well with all my outfits! I try not to go overboard with my jewellery and prefer to wear fewer, prettier things than lots of cheap tat!

Finally I hate having lots of keyrings on my keys, I have my personalised leather keyring from Mackenzie and George which makes finding my car key super simple as the texture of the leather is so soft and smooth in contrast to the hard, shiny silver end. Attached will be my car key…..added bonus of Burghley is it is sponsored by Landrover so i’ll get to have a pit stop in the owners hospitality and enjoy their delicious breakfast rolls and fabulous burgers for lunch! So if you are a Landrover Owner – bring your keys to take advantage of a comfortable seat, fabulous food and a great view of the jumps around Lions Bridge!

Are you going to Burghley this weekend? Would be great to hear what you are planning on wearing and who you are looking forward to seeing the most! Ill be keeping fingers crossed for several of the British riders to finish well and get home safe and pay a visit to my favourite trade stands to make some purchases before embarking on the long drive back to Somerset!


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