Highborn and Harwicke

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Unless you have been in a box and in outer space the last few months, you won’t have missed the launch of new brand Highborn and Harwicke!

The husband and wife team launched the brand at Heveningham Hall Country show in June this year. The Suffolk based duo have been inspired by equestrian, hunting and other country pursuits and combine country style with modern minimalism whilst celebrating their Suffolk heritage along the way.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Gabriella – one half of the team behind the brand.

So what can we expect to see from Highborn and Harwicke in the future? Gabriella tells me that alongside the Iken T Shirts and Alderton Polo tops there are also rugby shirts, drill shirts and new polo shirts in the pipeline . This are in the sampling phase at the moment so will be online to purchase soon!

There is also a range of outwear being developed which will compliment Gabriella’s favourite item – the Orford Sweatshirts!

The colour pallet of the range is very simplistic, only  Black, White and Grey features throughout. Gabriella explained why – “It’s heavily inspired by our personal tastes, we are both from the design industry so thought long and hard about colour palette. There will be colour introduced into the brand slowly but always fairly monochrome. I guess we are inspired by couture fashion in that respect too”

Unlike some brands we have grown to know and love Highborn and Harwicke is run solely by Gabriella and her husband. There is no huge team of marketing guru’s and sales assistants behind the scenes, so it will be one of them employing to your emails, packinging up your orders and posting on social media! Keep your eyes peeled on their website and Social Media accounts though as they will be recruiting people to join the team on the road in 2019!
I asked Gabriella who she would love to see wearing her clothes and her answer is the reason we should be supporting small brands and ensuring giant corporate labels do not take over.

“ It just brings me so much joy to see anyone wearing our clothes, I don’t ever want to be selective with who fits our brand, I love that we have a diverse range of people interacting with our brand, every customer is valuable to me.”

Highborn and Harwicke are not only a small business, they are supporters of small and local too! All the tops  are named after Suffolk villages and all the embroidery and printing is done by local vendors. We’d like to work with locals as much as possible said Gabriella.  We are trying to ensure our clothes are organic and fair trade where possible, and the more we grow the more we will work to be locally produced, organic, fairtrade, and recycled if possible.

So where can you find this exciting new brand? Apart from their website  – https://highbornandharwicke.co.uk -there is a list of shows in 2019 that is currently being compiled and finalised but they will definitely have a stand at The Game Fair, the majority of East Anglian Country Shows and some of the small Horse Trials. Hopefully 2020 will be even better and we can see more of them across the UK!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Highborn and Harwicke especially if you already own some of their lovely stuff! Just leave a message below!
i also have a 10% code for you all to use to online at https://highbornandharwicke.co.uk! Just enter MLCL10 at the checkout!

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