Horses, Hounds and Humans!

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When I was asked by Emma to have a peek at both her subscription boxes to give my opinion on their contents, it would have been rude to say no!

Forelock and Fringe is currently the first and ONLY subscription box that contains goodies for your horse and you – and they aren’t second rate either! Oh no! I actually squealed and gasped when I ripped open the tissue paper that lay beneath the lid of the rather prettily designed box (who knew corrugated cardboard could look so appealing)!!

Nestled snugly (I mean jam packed) within, was a plethora of goodies which not only spoiled me, but gave Coco a treat too. Alcohol, chocolate and horsey stuff – that’s heaven in a box!

From the sensible and practical hair nets & bandages (we all need more bandages don’t we!) to the delightful combo of a mini bottle of rose & galaxy chocolate (caramel too, no corners cut here!) Forelock and Fringe have all bases covered  – after a hard day at the yard or competing the Optiat ‘Feel Great’ scrub not only smells amazing, but exfoliates tired skin giving you that glowing look and to keep the rejuvenation going there is a Pegasus Vitality Bracelet with magic magnets that can help relieve aches, pains, aid sleep, reduce stress and more!

If all those goodies weren’t enough (the Optiat scrub and Pegasus Vitality bracelet is worth £30 alone!) there is a final treat for the equine/s in your life in the form of Topline Naturals organic soft mouth rub.

Now for a subscription of £40 the goodies in this box easily equate to around £60 which is, in my opinion, a bargain and an offer too good to refuse! The Forelock and Fringe box would make an excellent gift for a friend as a one off, or as a cheeky little treat to yourself! (just imagine the joy opening this every month!)

Now I mentioned there were two boxes – I would advise making a hot beverage before the excitement of the next box (if your reading after 6pm then Gin, Prosecco or Champagne is totally acceptable too!)

Our canine companions are arguably the most important ‘people’ in our lives – they can be trusted not to tell secrets (I mean our partners don’t need to know that’s another new numnah/rug/collar/’insert other necessity here‘), they are a shoulder to cry on when times are sad and the best natures gym buddies going – my spaniels don’t ever run out of batteries!

The Hounds and Hers box subscription is modelled on the same idea as F&F – slightly cheaper at £25 per box but still with products worth much more! The girls were particularly interested in the Neoh and Nobo Dog biscuits in this box (you can’t blame them for having excellent taste!) Whilst I popped the mini bottle of Prosecco – it was after 6pm don’t worry – I debated whether or not to save or scoff the blueberry and gin marshmallows created by the genius that is The Marshmallowist ( I chose save for about 45 minutes…..) or indulge in a soak in the bath with the Optiat Hit the Sheets scrub!

The final products were a cotton rope tug toy which is proving the new favourite in the household (three spaniels and one toy proves to be highly entertaining and shows who is the quickest and best thief!) and an Ecohound Poobag dispenser and bags – a great way to scoop the poop and save the planet at the same time. My pet hate is clearing up after your dog but using poo bags that may take years to actually degrade if ever!

I am VERY impressed with both boxes and would struggle to pick between them. Both offer high quality and a variation of goodies that are luxurious and an even split between you and your four legged friend.

To order your boxes for December then follow these links —-> and BUT you need to be quick as pre orders need to be received before the 26th of November!

The best part is December’s boxes will be different to the ones I have seen, so you will get to experience the same excitement and anticipation of opening the box when it arrives with Mr Postman at the start of December!

PLUS if you’d like to get your paws on a box a save some pennies use code WELCOME25 for a huge 25% off your first box!!!

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